Tirana Auto Sallon 2019 – Exhibitors

TIRANA AUTO SALON 2019 invites interested companies, categorized as per below, to participate:

  1. Motorcycle
    • Passenger cars;
    • Sport cars;
    • Premium cars;
    • Mini-buses;
    • Caravans, mobile homes;
    • Trucks, trailers;
    • Commercial vehicles;
    • Electric cars and alternative vehicles;
    • Motorcycles and Motorbikes of various sizes.
  2. Spare Parts and Accessories
    • Motor vehicle accessories;
    • Car audio and video equipment;
    • Car communication and navigation equipment;
    • Security devices and security cameras;
    • Wheels and tires;
    • Car Parts for replacement.
  3. Maintenance
    • Oils and lubricants;
    • Antifreeze and other solutions;
    • Cleaning and technical solutions;
    • Protective auto products.
  4. Services
    • Assistance on road legislation;
    • Driving Schools;
    • Logistics;
    • Electrical repairs and vehicle diagnostics;
    • Repair and maintenance of the car air conditioning systems;
    • Carrot service;
    • Vehicles GPS system;
    • Monitoring Fuel Consumption.
  5. Financial Services and Software
    • Banks;
    • Leasing;
    • Insurance;
    • Software for car dealers, spare parts shops and services.

Why participate as an exhibitor?

Brand Promotion and Brand Awareness highlighting the unique Attributes of the Latest Models, Products & Services;
Opportunities to generate New Clients as well as direct contact & communication with Potential Buyers, Collaborators, Representatives of companies with an interest in fleet buying etc.;
Development of new or existing relationships with other participating companies as well as B2B meetings;
Broad Media Coverage;
Launches of the latest models, brand performance versus competition;
Possibility to launch conference, workshop or live training during the fair day, where you can invite potential clients or the company staff.