Tirana Auto Sallon 2019 – Exhibitors

“Tirana Auto Salon 2019” invites all companies listed below to expose their latest products and services, categorized as follows:

  1. Motorized
    • Passenger cars
    • Sports cars
    • Premium cars
    • Buses, mini-buses, transportation cars
    • Caravans, mobile homes
    • Trucks, Trailers and other trailer cars
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Electric cars and alternative vehicles
    • Motorcycles and Motorbikes of different sizes
  2. Spare Parts and Accessories
    • Motor vehicle accessories
    • Car audio and video equipment
    • Communication and car navigation equipment
    • Security Equipment for cars
    • Wheels and tires
    • Parts for vehicle changes
  3. Maintenance
    • Oils and Lubricants
    • Antifreeze and other solutions
    • Cleaning and Technical Solutions
    • Solution for storing all parts of the car
    • Decorative solutions
  4. Services
    • Assistance on Road Legislation
    • Driving Schools
    • Auto Logistics
    • Electrical repairs and vehicle diagnostics
    • Auto assembling
    • Repair and maintenance of the auto-conditioning system
    • GPS Vehicle Monitoring
    • Fuel Consumption Monitoring (Equipment FMS)
  5. Financial Services and Software
    • Banks that have auto products
    • Leasing
    • Technological companies that provide software programs for this sector;
    • Online services and sector applications;