Textile & Leather Expo 2019 - About the Fair

The 2nd Edition, “Textile & Leather Expo 2019” is one of the most eagerly awaited events related to textile and leather industry that gathers all professionals focused on the development of the sector in Albania and their individual and collective growth. This exhibition represents a meeting point for the largest and most significant Albanian and foreign producers. The event will address one of the most important challenges for the future of the sector, stimulating and enhancing dialogue between local, regional and international companies. Also, this event aims to encourage the companies further development by focusing mainly on full cycle production, and ways of improving communication channels, lead generation, and effective marketing. The 2nd Edition, “Textile & Leather Expo 2019” will showcase the latest trends for the upcoming seasons for garments, footwear, bags and accessories; it will encourage ways of improving competition through a diverse product offering in design, and by focusing on the latest innovative production techniques. Investing in technologies will make the companies more competitive in the international landscape, and it will contribute to move from CM (Cut-Make) or M (Make) towards more advanced business models. Furthermore, this edition will serve as an excellent platform for promoting projects that involve young talent and students of fashion & design schools such as: designers, modelers, machineries, maintenance technicians, specialists etc., thus further promoting the needs of the sector for professional education and a specialized workforce.