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Leather Fair 2022 - About the Fair

Expocity Albania, the largest center for organizing international fairs in the region, has been focusing on every sector in Albania for years. The leather line has been incorporated for two years in a row, in combination with the textile and fashion industries.On October 13-15, for the first time in the region, a fair will be organized for manufacturers, importers and exporters of leather,machinery, accessories, finishedand partial production factories,packaging companies, supplier service of air conditioning and ventilation systems, transport agencies and financial institu-tions. offering quality and stan-dard in production.

This event comes as a need and demand of the sector, because, due to the favorable geographical position and workforce, Albania is the place where world famous brands are produced. Businesses in the sector have many years of experience, they know in detail the industry, products, work process, thus offering quality and standard in production.