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Job and Professional Skills Fair - About the Fair

Job and Professional Skills Fair

During February 10-11. 2023, the first edition of the Job and Professional Skills Fair will be organized in Expocity Albania. Through this event, Expocity Albania aims a two-day marathon that will have on focus employment and professional training in 360°, without excluding any field.

The two-day employment marathon will be inclusive, with the participation of pre-university, university and postgraduate students, from public and private institutions. The fair will be an opportunity for employment and information for all visitors who are looking for work, internships or training of various types. On the other hand, developing businesses will have the opportunity to recruit staff for all necessary positions. Also present will be training centers and announcement sites, which can offer potential candidates for exhibition businesses. Throughout the day, there will be an interviews fronts and training from human resources specialists. There will be motivational stories, success stories and trainings with certifications. Visitors will be presented to the employing companies with their professional portfolios/works.

The Student-Business binomial will be realized between students of vocational schools and businesses that operate in the same line. Creation of connections between pre-university students and private vocational schools, private universities and various course centers. In the academic aspect, companies will offer employment contracts and professional internships.

The meeting between professional schools and businesses will be a partnership for continuous recruitment according to the needs of the labor market.

The participation of the University of Tirana will have on focus  information about the application of Erasmus programs. Among other things, February 10-11 will consist of Employment Days for experienced professionals, experts in various fields, who will have the opportunity to learn about alternatives and excellent employment offers from the most prestigious companies in the market. Conversely, businesses that offer and demand standards in employment and service, will attract applications from the professional elite.


Why you should be partcipant ?

  • Recruitment – opportunity for each exhibitor category to interview potential employees and recruit new staff as an investment in company development and competitiveness in the national/international market.
  • Trainings – opportunities to follow different trainings from experts, aiming at professional growth.
  • Workshops – constructive discussions addressing employment issues.
  • Seminars – Various institutions deal specific issues within the framework of informing each category of participants in the event.
  • Specialization – information on the different specializations and programs of national/international studies.
  • Success Stories – Famous names in the market narrate their success stories with the aim of motivating and inspiring the youth.
  • Creation/Development of the Business-University relation.
  • Creation/Development of the Business-School relation (Professional/general).
  • Creation/Development of the Business-Professional relation
  • Creation/Development of the Business-Organization relation.
  • Creation/Development of the relation Business-Employment Agency/announcement portals.
  • Creation/Development of institutional relations.

Categories of exhibitors:

  • Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Institutions
  • Universities
  • Professional schools
  • Financial institutions
  • Employment agencies and portals

Categories of visitors:

  • Students of professional schools
  • Students
  • Professionals
  •  Businesses


Focus on creating and developing relations between:

  • Business – University
  • Business – Vocational and General School
  • Business – Professional
  • Business – Employment Agencies/Portals
  • Business – Organization
  • Student – State institution
  • Professional – State institution


Focus on the realization of:

  • Contractual labor/intership relations
  • Seminars
  • Trainings
  • Workshops