Operations Manager

General Position Description:

The Operations Manager is in charge of all technical and logistic aspects, in the function of the organization and execution of the exhibition and other event activities. This includes: designing the layout for the exhibition spaces and conference rooms, B2B areas, as well as other facilities in the function of specific events; managing requirements for materials, products/services, procurement, as well as further storage as needed; solving operational issues that may arise before and during the activities; monitoring, managing and negotiating operational costs; maintaining the furnisher’s lists and communications communication with third parties.

The Operations Manager is responsible for securing operational information and communicating it real time as needed, mobilizing the workforce, administering and controlling the operational procedures, finding alternative resources and solving each operational problem.

Key Responsibilities:

The following points reflect the main responsibilities related to this position (but not limited to this list):

  • Conducts purchasing procedures in accordance with specific requirements;
  • Conducts contracted services in accordance with the company’s policies;
  • Contributes to the operating expenses budget for each exhibition activity or other event, according to the calendar of activities;
  • Carries out clearance procedures and is responsible for the transportation and storage of purchased materials/equipment purchased in the venue’s areas;
  • Assists and provides relevant information for the completion of customs ‘procedures for customers who do not carry out activities within the territory of the Republic of Albania, by providing full support and liaison with the customs agency;
  • Guarantees the protocol procedure of contracts, and completes the invoices in accordance with the contracts;
  • Manages company documents, registration forms and necessary data for various projects, as well as archiving aspects;
  • Manages the badge orders for each event; as well as compilation of customer information for compiling the event catalogue (including all the client materials as needed);
  • Manages third-party relationships for the production and timely delivery of banners, and/or other print materials for the exhibitor stands;
  • Manages and updates the changes to the floor plan as per client requirements, which are communicated by Project Managers for various activities (in case of emergencies, specific requests may also be provided by the clients themselves);
  • Provides timely solutions to requirements for one-time or additional services, such as: specific requests for furnishing of stands, print materials, special equipment etc.
  • Ensures each event is organized successfully from an operational standpoint, and reports any critical issues in real time;
  • Guarantees full confidentiality of any information it administers;
  • Oversees and manages the workers team (technical and/or contracted workers such as electricians, plumbers etc.) in charge of the floor plan, layout, electric connections other infrastructure aspects etc;

Qualifications and Skills Required:

  • College/University education in different fields such as: Finance, Operations, Logistics etc (preferably abroad);
  • Previous experiences in operations, logistics, procurement and/or other functional roles;
  • Very good knowledge of English, knowledge of other languages (exa: Italian, German etc) is a plus;
  • Preferred age 30+ years old;

Application Procedure:

Please send a CV, including your professional photo and additional related documents, specifying the position you are applying for at the following email: info@expocity.al.

If your CV is selected, you will be contacted by the Human Resources Department only if the submitted documents will meet the evaluation criteria.