Learn more about Job Openings in Expocity Albania

Expocity Albania is an international venue and organizer specialized in the organization of: trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, mass events, and other type events, while providing the most modern structure and facilities and structure for the organization and launch of such organizations and activities. Expocity has a qualified team with local and international expertise and offers great opportunities for career growth. We welcome candidates who want to be part of an energetic team with a “growth mindset” and passion for their work.

Social Media Specialist

Develop, implement and manage our social media strategy; Manage and oversee social media content to have the best viral contents; Monitor SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization;…

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is in charge of all technical and logistic aspects, in the function of the organization and execution of the exhibition and other event activities. This includes: designing the layout for the exhibition spaces and conference rooms, B2B areas, as well as other facilities in the function of specific events; managing requirements for materials, products/services, procurement, as well as further storage as needed; solving operational issues that may arise before and during the activities; monitoring, managing and negotiating operational costs; maintaining the furnisher’s lists and communications communication with third parties.

Menaxher Projektesh

Përgjegjës për gjenerimin e koncept-idesë së projektit duke përfshirë aspektin e studimit të tregut, përzgjedhjes së partnerëve dhe/ose bashkëorganizatorëve, hartimin e strategjisë së shitjes, mbikëqyrjen e performancës komerciale, zbatimin dhe mirëfunksionimin e të gjithë hallkave të projektit, si dhe arritjen e objektivave buxhetore dhe fitimprurëse të projekteve.

Agjent Shitjesh

Përgjegjës për të gjitha aspektet e shitjes së produkteve dhe shërbimeve të ofruara nga Expocity Albania. Këtu përfshihet cilësia e produkteve dhe shërbimeve, performanca komerciale, koha në të cilën është shërbyer klienti si dhe arritja e objektivave buxhetore dhe fitimprurëse.