Energy Expo & Forum 2019 – Forum

The main topics in the Energy Forum will

  • Green energy;
  • Energy Efficiency;
  • Urban waste;
  • Batteries and energy storage;
  • Efficient Buildings;
  • Climate change, etc.Albanian Stock Exchange;
  • Energy policies and investments in the natural gas field.

The Energy Forum will be attending:

  • Representatives of the Albanian Government;
  • Representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy;
  • Representatives of Ministries and/or other institutions;
  • Representatives of the Municipality of Tirana;
  • Investors, Bankers;
  • Actors of the energy market;
  • Energy producers;
  • Albanian design companies and evaluators of feasibility studies and impact on the environment;
  • Decision makers of infrastructure and energy companies;
  • Energy and Infrastructure Advisers;
  • Law Offices operating in the field of energy and infrastructure;
  • Economists in the field of energy, etc.