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Energy 2022 - About the Fair

DATE JUNE 28-29, 2022

On June 28-29, 2022, Expocity Albania organizes the 4th Edition of theInternational Energy Fair and Forum.”Opportunity in the vortex of the crisis”: Energy Expo & Forum 2022 will address the current situation of the energy sector, the crisis in which the world is today, to which Albania is not immune.In stark contrast to the pandemic period, when global demand for raw materials led to production and prices plummeting, post-COVID-19 recovery was rapid, boosting demand tremendously and consequently creating the first stalemate in the supply chain, which was unable to handle the momentum.The steady rise in energy demand pushed stock market prices to record highs by the end of 2021. Another “shock” to markets was the war in Ukraine, which had a profound effect on fuel prices such as oil or gas.

World economists have hailed this as a culmination that will shape the future of energy by making the sector more resilient to shocks, more diverse, and where the role of renewables will be crucial