Construction, Architecture & Urban Planning 2020 – Exhibitors

The most important brands in the construction industry, including a large number of companies and professionals in the: architecture, construction, urban planning and real estate sectors have been invited to participate in an interactive exhibition model that will add value to the industry, both in the Albanian and regional markets. State-of-the art products and technologies will be displayed for each sector of this industry, as listed below:


  1. Building and Construction Site
    • Construction materials (concrete items, bricks, cement, inert materials, façade and glass constructions, etc.).
    • Metal structures and profiles (iron, decorative and stainless steel works, etc.).
    • Tools and equipment (nails, bolts, screws, screw plugs, clamps, discs, welding equipment, digital scales, etc.).
    • Hydro sanitary items and equipment.
    • Doors, windows and gates.
    • Finishes (paints and varnishes, pigments, gypsum frames and profiles, wall paper, putty, plaster, adhesives, gesso, tools and equipment for painting and accessories).
    • Tiles and parquet.
    • Lighting and electrical appliances.
    • Furniture and furniture accessories.
    • Elevators and escalators.
    • Real estate.
    • Construction associations.
  2. Roads
    • Companies that deal with road construction and infrastructure.
    • Infrastructure materials (pavement tiles, borders, shafts, concrete pipes, insulating and adhesive, metal materials: steel, aluminum, etc.).
    • Construction machinery and other services.
  3. Business consulting
    • Companies that provide consulting for the sector.


  • Architecture and engineering consultancy.
  • Construction projects and services.
  • Public and private education institutions.
  • Investors and project funders.
  • HVAC systems designers.
  • Platform Designers for people with disabilities.
  • Designers of Renewable Energy Production Systems.
  • Smart Building Designers.
  • Architecture Associations and architecture-related firms.


  • State institutions in charge, at central and local level.
  • Public and private universities.
  • Smart City Initiative in Albania and the region.
  • Projects by various donors supporting the sector.