Events Calendar 2019

Dear Colleagues and Collaborators,
We are pleased to announce the update of the Event’s Calendar 2019 at Expocity Albania:

  1. “Diaspora Summit 2019”, 2nd Edition, March 1, 2019;
  2. “Agro-Tech Expo & Forum 2019”, 2nd Edition, March 15-16, 2019;
  3. “Tekno Hotel Expo 2019”, 4th Edition, March 21-23, 2019;
  4. “International Tourism Fair Tirana 2019”, 3rd Edition, April 5-6, 2019;
  5. “Food & Drinks Festival 2019”, 4th Edition, May 10-12, 2019;
  6. “Safe on Two Wheels”, 9th Edition, ACA May 18, 2019;
  7. “Motivation & Success by Vasil Naçi”, Agna Group, May 25, 2019;
  8. “Professional Skills Olympiad 2019”, 4th Edition (TBD);
  9. “Tirana Tech Open 2019”, 1st Edition, September 25-27, 2019;
  10. “Energy Expo & Forum 2019”, 3rd Edition, October 4-5, 2019;
  11. “Auto Sallon Tirana 2019”, 4th Edition, October 10-13, 2019;
  12. “Construction, Architecture and Urban Planning Fair 2019”, 2nd Edition, October 25-27, 2019;
  13. “Textile & Leather Expo 2019”, 2nd Edition, November 1-2, 2019;
  14. “Weddings, Beauty & Lifestyle 2019”, 3rd Edition, November 22- 24, 2019;
  15. “Safety & Security Expo 2019”, 2nd Edition, December 13- 14, 2019.

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Expocity Albania Staff

Which Sources of Information Do Exhibition Attendees Value Most?

A new CEIR survey reveals that business professionals value face-to-face engagement and existing relationships in their sources for business information and purchasing decisions.

A new CEIR survey shows the value ranking of a range of information sources for business professionals who attend B-to-B exhibitions.
Graphic: Courtesy of CEIR

Trade shows are the most valued source for getting information and making purchasing decisions, according to new a survey from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research.1 The report also emphasizes the importance of in-person interaction and existing relationships for exhibition attendees when judging the reliability of their sources.

CEIR released the second fact sheet of its Attendee ROI Playbook series on July 31. The report explored the variety of sources that business professionals who attend B-to-B exhibitions rely on to meet their business information and purchasing decision needs. Exhibition attendees ranked those sources by value, from most to least valuable.

Attendees ranked two categories, B-to-B exhibitions and communications with vendors and suppliers, first. But when looking at the share of first- and second-place rankings, B-to-B exhibitions was the top source, at 57 percent, while communications with vendors and suppliers received 41 percent.

“In terms of the attendees who participate in exhibitions and what they are trying to achieve while they are there, the needs have not really changed,” said CEIR C.E.O. Cathy Breden. “They are [at exhibitions] to shop and learn, to see new products, technologies, and trends.”

The report results suggest the high value of face-to-face engagement to business professionals. With access to more information through digital outlets, in-person interactions with both people and products are filters that help them determine which information they can rely on for business information and purchasing decision needs, according to the report.

“The trust factor comes into play when you meet someone in person rather than virtually,” Breden said. “The initial findings of the report tell us that one of the things that makes exhibitions unique is the face-to-face aspect of being able to build toward a relationship and getting to know the people behind the products being sold.”

Other aspects that distinguish B-to-B exhibitions as a valued source are the diversity of exhibitors in one place and the real-time access to suppliers, according to the report.

Along with exhibitions, the other sources that business professionals look to are communications with vendors and suppliers followed by communications with their peer network.

“The results just reaffirm again the need for creating experiential events that are going to be engaging and get people to engage with one another,” Breden said. “In our time now, trust in companies and governments is at an all-time low, and one of the ways to build relationships is by attending trade shows.”

The study comprised responses from more than 3,700 people chosen from attendee lists from a random sampling of 21 B-to-B exhibitions covering all industry sectors. In upcoming reports, CEIR will begin to analyze the results by sectors and demographics, Breden said.


Highlights from the 85th UFI Congress in St Petersburg

Exhibition World asked Howard Klein, moderator for the 85th UFI Global Congress in St Petersburg, to pick out his highlights of the event.

Having been to Russia many times, I was keen to see how the St Petersburg UFI Congress would go; and I was pleased to support it from the stage. These are my brief takeaways.
World competitiveness expert Stephane Garelli delivered a fast and furious roller coaster ride through the changing global business environment. It was backed-up with some poignant slides – with clarity of message that hit the spot like a Kalashnikov! UFI members can watch his session in the member section of the UFI website.

When talking about all the new business models, Stephane noted a continuing need for emotional connection. This, together with our need for more targeted marketing, became a recurring theme in many other sessions.

The panel with four industry leaders brought many strong views, particularly in respect of digital/data. The focus on the customer experience has many ‘digital’ initiatives, including deeper analytics, with a likely increasing use of AI and Blockchain solutions. However, the speed of adoption in our industry is not good; and let’s stop treating ‘digital’ as a distinct subject – it is integral!

The panel also talked about changing event formats and the needs of a younger trade show audience (do we track age profiles?). However, the concept of ‘Festivalisation’ seems limited, and should to be amended to reflect a broader range of customer experience. A final strong statement in this session was that the M&A environment cannot sustain high multiples, with a potential risk to event quality.

This year’s Next Generation Leadership intake’s wide-ranging presentation included some powerful messages: the increasing importance of Personality Based Marketing (tied to overall customer experiences); and the need for more structured approaches to Talent (given c99% of us fall into this industry, i.e. unplanned). This group are a good advertisement to attract 2019 NGL candidates.

Of the many breakout sessions, I would highlight two.

  • Firstly, the presentation of global visitor experiences and expectations was a first view of UFI’s and Explori’s survey of 13,000 participants. The age (rather than seniority) variations were significant and we look forward to seeing the further analysis.
  • Secondly, the Women in the Exhibitions Industry research was interesting, leading to a key point of getting more women into leadership roles (NB: UFI’s next President will be Mary Larkin).

Finally, Cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanski was an inspirational keynote – the spirit of Gagarin’s Поехали! (Let’s Go!). A scientist first, then a cosmonaut, Sergey overcame the challenges, some career threatening, to work on the International Space Station, a holistic management approach to space exploration.

Overall, with 450+ delegates from 54 countries, there were high levels of networking at this year’s UFI Congress. Certainly, many delegates enjoyed the location.

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