Data from over 13,000 trade show visitors globally shows shifting patterns of expectations Trade shows seen as stable, solid, business channel, but competing channels of interaction may see faster growth While there is some shift towards more “festivalisation”, the current visitor cohort values meeting business objectives over entertainment Concrete visitor ‘pain points’ cluster around easy-to-manage actions for organisers and venues Trade show visitors globally are reporting a stable overall satisfaction with the shows they attend
Global free trade is not the natural order of things, so it needs to be carefully tended to and maintained. Sophus Reinert and Dante Roscini discuss trade over time and what history teaches. Question: What patterns emerge from history that can help us better understand where we are today? Sophus Reinert: To many people, globalization is teleological, something that necessarily becomes stronger over time and leads to an ever-more economically interconnected world, but history tells

Beauty Expo – an event for you!

Posted by Enis Zajmi on December 14, 2018
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From Misela Patrioti Beauty is a truth that we all like, without changing or deforming it. When joined with aesthetics, beauty wins a lot, it resembles an unlimited concept, that can create a wonderful mood. The philosophy of beauty is a theory of values, a manifestation of self-esteem, pride. The style that expresses beauty is efficient, its power is emotional, it is art. Beauty Sector Every year, the beauty industry introduces innovative products and techniques.
The 10th edition of Globex – The global exhibition organizing market – Assessment and forecast to 2022 Globex 2018 report shows that 2017’s global exhibitions market growth was boosted by continued high growth in emerging markets, while mature markets continued to trade in an improved macroeconomic environment. While China has cemented its second place in the exhibitions market behind the US, thanks to its structural high growth, expansion by organizers into smaller but high-growth emerging
The final results of the first-ever worldwide study on the economic significance of face-to-face business events were issued today by the Events Industry Council (EIC), who commissioned the research. The Global Economic Significance of Business Events was conducted by Oxford Economics under a groundbreaking collaboration between the EIC and its partners, IMEX, Hilton, the MPI Foundation and the PCMA Education Foundation. Expanding on the preliminary findings announced 17 October at IMEX in Las Vegas, the