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Edicioni i 3-te, Auto Sallon Tirana, Automotive Forum 2018, së shpejti në Expocity Albania

Edicioni i 2-te, Mediterranean Tourism Fair Tirana 2018, 06-07 Prill

Edicioni i 3-te, Food & Drink Festival 2018, 09-11 Mars

Edicioni i 1, Energy Expo Forum 2017, 14-16 NENTOR

Ne datat 14-16 Nentor 2017, Expocity Albania ne bashkepunim me Ministrine e Infrastruktres dhe Energjetikes dhe me Bashkine e Tiranes, organizon per here te pare Energy Expo & Forum 2017. Ky organizim do te kete nje fokus te veçante ne energjine e rinovueshme dhe ne eficencen e energjise. Forumi Ekonomik do te trajtoje gjendjen aktuale te tregut te energjise elektrike duke perfshire: legjislacionin e ri, mundesite e financimeve dhe investimeve ne fushen e energjise se rinovueshme si dhe eficencen e energjise. Eventi ka marre nje rendesi dhe vemendje te madhe duke pasur parasysh problematikat qe ka aktualisht ky sektor ne Shqiperi. Te gjitha bizneset dhe entet e interesuara jane te mirepritur te na kontaktojne per cdo informacion te metejshem.

Edicioni i 2-te, Auto Sallon Tirana_ Automotive Forum 2017, 19-22 Tetor

10th Annual “Balkan Energy Finance Forum & Exhibition”, Belgrade, Serbia 4-5 Dec 2017

BALKAN ENERGY 600x200 (002) Electricity production in the Western Balkans at the moment is mostly dependent on coal. Despite the fact that all Balkan countries have shown a strong commitment to boost their quota of renewable energy sources by 2020, to reach between 25% and 40% of their energy mix, coal-fired thermal power plants still play the key role in generating the country's energy. Despite improvements in policy and regulatory frameworks, the region is still facing challenges in attracting more investments other than fossil energy projects and this is blocking the full transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency. But Balkan renewable energy is set to grow. Unquestionably, the region has a high potential for deployment of energy production from renewable sources, including water, wind or bioenergy. Thus, against the background of competitive traditional energy price levels, how is the SEE’s renewable market going to shape up in the immediate future to stay competitive? What are the critical elements to mobilise more finance in the region? Do not miss the opportunity – join the conference and become part of this must-attend forum. Conference website. EXPOCITY readers receive a 20% discount - please register online and use code DC20, or email david.campbell@eelevents.co.uk.
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